From The Founder
We carry custom items created by our own bench jewellers as well as seasonal collections from some of the most well-known jewellery brands. No matter what type of jewellery you're looking for, you'll be able to find it at Kapurthala Jewellers.
Sunil Jain
Our Story
We are a family-run jewellery house with history dating back to more than 200 years. With humble origins in Sialkot, Pakistan, the family left post-Partition and started from scratch after relocating to Kapurthala, a small town in Punjab. What started off as Sialkoti Jewellers in 1947, has transformed into Kapurthala Jewellers, now amongst the most reputable stores of New Delhi. Since we opened our doors as Kapurthala Jewellers in 1990, we've gained a reputation for our remarkable service and pride ourself on being the most cordial, approachable and affordable, which keeps our customers coming back to mark their special occasions with us.


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